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One of the biggest banquet halls in Delhi NCR, Richmond Lee Castle, inhabits about 500 decorative glass panels on its premises. One of their major concerns was the safety of their guests and visitors against the shattering or breaking of these panels. The Facility Managers wanted an efficient solution to this to ensure that the site can be used without any safety concerns.


Ecodrive window film professionals suggested the 4 mil EcoShield Clear Security film that comes with chemically engineered protective layering. It toughens the glass and safeguards it against any form of external impact. Protective glass window films were installed over 5,000 sq. ft of area to secure the complete site.


The Management reports reviewed the Ecodrive window films as above satisfactory and to be performing well, with no cases of breakage or cracking since installation. In addition to ensuring safety, the glass window films also offer 99% protection against UV rays thus preserving the interiors against damage from excess exposure.

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