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About Us

Ecodrive Films is a leading professional tinting solutions company with an industry edge of more than a decade in providing complete customer satisfaction. We are the manufacturer, importer, dealer and installer of professional grade window films with a full line of automotive, residential and commercial window tints.

Since its inception in 2006, our window film professionals have been helping clients with indoor sun protection that is high endurance as well as cost-effective. We use advance engineering and state of the art manufacturing techniques to deliver products and services that meet international standards. We are the only window films company in India that is affiliated to the International Window Film Association (IWFA).

Window films are a high-tech protective layering for glass windows that provides protection and privacy without the cluttering of curtains. Unlike drapes and blinds, they do not obstruct natural light and only filters out the harmful UV-rays from entering inside. Tinted windows deliver safety and security – they provide skin protection, shield your floors and furnishings from fading, and also add an additional layer of fortification to your windows.

A no-frills alternative that will make your house or office energy-efficient by reducing your carbon footprint as well as help you save on air-conditioning cost.

We offer a wide range of window films with varying shading coefficients, decorative designs and thickness grades. Our team of experts offer customized guidance to assist you in selecting the right product to suit your specific requirements.

We have evolved into a trusted brand that resonates with our numerous loyal clients and have built our repute by offering seamless services to renowned companies from various industries.

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