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EcoBuild Window Tint Films

While we worry so much about outdoor sun exposure, we often fail to understand that unfiltered sunrays also enter through our windows and cause the same kind of damage. Harmful UV rays and infrared rays enter our homes through plain window glasses and can have harmful effects on our skin, eyes, floors, furnishings and indoor electronic equipment. 



Curtains and blinds can obstruct direct sunlight but they do not interfere with harmful radiation. With no sunscreen to safeguard you against these ill-effects of solar energy, the solution is installation of Ecodrive window films that reject up to 99% UV ray penetration and acts as a protective outer covering for your house windows.

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Our range of EcoShield Sun Control & Anti-Glare Films and EcoShield Sun Control & Reflective Films come in a variety of shade co-efficient to cater to your requirement – you can choose a completely clear, translucent or an opaquer film to control the amount of natural light entering through your windows. In addition to protecting your glass and house against extreme solar energy, it also reduces your electricity bills and helps you control your indoor temperature. Install Ecodrive window glass films and experience the difference – an energy efficient and cost effective alternative that maintains your privacy and the elegance of your décor.



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