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Building Owners Maintenence or Facility Management Professionals

Ecodrive has worked with Architects and interior professionals for over a decade, providing quality solutions and materials for real life glass related situations that directly affect your projects, tenants and clients.

As a Facility Management Professional, you’re well aware that the success and comfort levels in any given location depend on two key components: How the surroundings look and how costly they are to maintain. Window film easily enhances the aesthetic of any facility with customizable designs and solutions. The savings that come along with the installation of film include reduced HVAC-related costs, allowing a portion of your facility budget to be put towards various other tenant-pleasing upgrades!

Key Benefits

  • For new buildings or buildings in the design phase, investing in Ecodrive’s energy saving window film is an affordable alternative to buying expensive windows
  • Our solution not only lower monthly energy expense, but they also reduce the upfront investment on expensive heat reflective glass/windows. This significantly reduces the overall cost of the project
  • For newer buildings, our solution reduce long-term energy requirements as well as air-conditioning loads. This reduces investment in air-conditioning equipment, its installation and related expenses.
  • For existing buildings, the cost of installing an energy efficient window film is one-fifth the cost of replacing a window.
  • Our films also give a uniform and updated external and internal appearance to the building.

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