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Developers Contractors

Ecodrive Films have worked with numerous developers and contractors in the last decade - assisting them in building energy efficient buildings with our finest window tinting solutions. Our team of window tinting professionals work closely with architects and interior professionals to ensure that the right product is detailed for each project. From consultation to the planning process to the actual installation, our service professionals are there to assist at every step.

Investing in Ecodrive sun control wind films reduces the cumulative electricity as well window glass installation costs and brings down the overall cost of housing as well as commercial projects.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase the energy efficiency of the building by reducing air-conditioning load 
  • Upgrade the external and internal appearance of old buildings
  • Affordable alternative to expensive thick glass in new as well as old building for added security and safety
  • Lower installation investment than heat reflective glass and windows
  • Cost of installing new sun control window film is one-fifth of a new window glass
  • Hassle free one-time installation that is durable 

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