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For those who like clean and clear, Eminent is the keyword. It falls under the category of clear films and has been manufactured using nanotechnology in the US. A look at this tender transparent baby will make you realize that eminence lies not just in its name. It comes with a five-year warranty and is available in two colors — Goose Grey and Cool Blue, keeping in mind your preference for something sober yet graceful.

It ensures optimum optical clarity and best heat rejection to keep your vehicle cool even in scorching

Indian summers. Much like the Eloquent Series, the Eminent Series films too are designed for your safety too. Though it protects you and your loved ones from glass shards, we still insist on safe driving as the best option!

Performance Properties Order Code Visible Light Transmission Visible Light Reflection Ultra Violet Rejection Infra Red Rejection Total SolarHeat Rejection Notes
Goose Grey EM-01 70% 17% 99% 90% 55% Best suited for the front/rear windscreen and side glasses
Cool Blue EM-02 51% 16% 99% 88% 53% Best suited for side glasses

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