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Hah! There come the colours. Yes, elegant is all about style, vibrancy, options and of course, colours. Fourth in the series, it is a Medium Reflective Film that will leave you spoilt with choice. You may take your pick from shiny silver, glassy gold, techno green and sublime grey depending on your liking and the colour of your vehicle.

This US-manufactured film comes with a warranty period of five years and offers optical clarity for a comfortable drive and its high tensile strength protects from falling glass pieces. A smart choice to tease those enviable neighbours.

Performance Properties Order Code Visible Light Transmission Visible Light Reflection Ultra Violet Rejection Infra Red Rejection Total SolarHeat Rejection Notes
Shiny Silver EG-01 52% 22% 99% 82% 51% Best suited for side glasses
Glassy Gold EG-02 56% 22% 99% 83% 51% Best suited for side glasses
Techno Green EG-03 52% 12% 99% 83% 51% Best suited for side glasses

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