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Contemporary workplaces are using open plans to design office spaces that foster a positive environment to increase work productivity. Instead of opaque walls, glass dividers are used to create private work stations, cubicles and conference rooms that comes with its advantages but can also result in distraction with its lack of privacy. Bureau Veritas wanted to resolve this issue by transforming their office space without changing it.


Ecodrive recommended a quick and easy solution with their EcoDeco Frosted window film series designs, which would offer more privacy without changing the work environment. The sandblasted finish added only a mild opaqueness but brought no change in the transmission of light, maintaining the look of the office.


The installation was completed on time, without interrupting the functionality of the office and met the requirements of the situation effectively. It was a cost-effective and hassle free method, showing how window films are now being used for more than just external sun control.

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