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This chic film finds its origins in the land of the rising sun, Japan, and has been designed using cutting-edge technology that goes by the name of IR film. It is an ATO (Antimony Tin Oxide) thin film which has been manufactured using one of the most advanced technologies in material sciences that utilizes microscopic particles as its building blocks. And if that gibberish did not make any sense to you, here is the crux of it: The film is strong, state-of-the-art, flawless and knows its job well.

A ten-year warranty will ensure that even if you get bored with your car, the film shall still hang on to it like a loved one. It is available in two unique colors – clubby charcoal and naturally neutral. It is designed for optimum optical clarity for both day and night driving and offers up to 80 per cent visibility which is the highest in the market. Perhaps, the most outstanding feature of the Eloquent Series lies in its high strength that offers foolproof protection from glass shards in case of accidents, offering you safety and style under one brand.

Performance Properties Order Code Visible Light Transmission Visible Light Reflection Ultra Violet Rejection Infra Red Rejection Total SolarHeat Rejection Notes
Clubby Charcoal EQ-01 63% 9% 99.6% 95% 60% Best suited for the front/rear windscreen and side glasses
Naturally Neutral EQ-02 80% 9% 99.6% 80% 40% Best suited for the front/rear windscreen and side glasses

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